"The widespread dismissal for about one century of Einstein's incompleteness of quantum mechanics and, therefore, chemistry, which dismissal was originated by Nazi propaganda in the 1930s, is one of the biggest scientific blunders persisting to this day because of the lack of dismissal of the litany of limitations of quantum mechanics and chemistry published in refereed journals."

"The most ascientific process of contemporary societies is the scientific process."

"One of the best kept secrets of the best Ph. D. schools in chemistry is the impossibility for electrons to create a valence bond due to their Coulomb repulsion."

"Lack of participation in basically new advances is a gift of scientific priorities to others."

"There cannot be a really new physical or chemical theory without a really new mathematics, and there cannot be a really new mathematics without new numbers."

"I believe that, despite the glitter of technological advances, we are living during a scientific obscurantism on open basic issues of such a magnitude to dwarf by comparison the scientific obscurantism imposed by the Vatican during Galileo's times because the latter obscurantism was motivated by religious dogmas, while the current obscurantism is motivated by billions of dollars of research funds that are solely granted for research in pre-existing doctrines."

"With their neutrino hypothesis, Pauli and Fermi did salvage the conservation of the angular momentum in the neutron synthesis e + p → n + ν, but they did not salvage quantum mechanics because the mass of the neutron is bigger than the sum of the masses of the electron and of the proton, thus causing the inapplicability of the Schroedinger and Dirac equations under which the neutrino hypothesis cannot be consistently formulated."

"The difference between 'True Researchers' and 'Political Scientists' is clearly illustrated by the comparison of Albert Einstein, who repeatedly stated doubts on the r.h.s. of his field equations, and Einstein's followers who become hysterical at the consideration of Einstein'; doubts."

"Scientific caution is needed before claiming that all negatively charged particles with masses of the order of that of the proton are antimatter-particles because similar matter-particles appear to be produced nowadays in industrial laboratories."

"There is hope that 'hope' can represent life." Quote made by Prof. Santilli during the 2020 International Workshop on the EPR argument http://www.world-lecture-series.org/level-xii-epr-teleconference-2020 at the end of the lecture on by Prof. . Vougiouklis to indicate that the hyperstructural formulation of irreversible Lie-admissible branch of hadronic mechanics may represent the difference between organic and inorganic molecules.